Lifes Movement,

Wow, how many times in life do you stop to think about how blessed you’re to be breathing or doing what you’re doing now?
The thing about life is that we aren’t so aware, that is supposedly the number one flaw about a human, we aren’t trained to be aware. But hey, if you’re reading this then maybe now you can increase your awareness.
See lessons do come in the simplest most randomest ways.

Well as I enjoy the sweet taste of my pandora playlist, I suggest if you ever want to sip some wine and light a candle alone in peace, in rain or shine, you should play Norah Jones.

As I was saying life’s movement, the “flow” was very disruptive hard waves as if I was swimming deeper into the sea at its roughest times, with myself having self doubt in my work and feeling like I am not doing enough to fighting with time management. It is very hard to accomplish our deeply desired goals with out time management, with so much time being dedicated to progression and having to find “balance” for your loved ones and family it gets hard, but what keeps me going is that one day the routine will change again and you will be doing something that will put you in a higher spot. So everyday you got to or I got to keep pushing, if we suffer no pains then we will not build a tolerance to adversity and we cannot be great.

On another note though, Sacramento California has been my home for a while now and it has been the foundation of my adulthood basically, learned a lot here and have great family & friends to love especially my not so new nephews, haha! Silly ones I say, something that came to mind and no I do not have baby fever but I am really starting to admire the way we can share seeds and the process and the way we can have such a deep connection, and bring LIFE! to this earth, like what a blessing it must be. Unfortunately, I will be calling it cuts and zipping back to my hometown in Surrey/Delta Vancouver Canada, bitter sweet because in one view I see it as a new beginning, new opportunities, and a way to revisit my young days, and to appreciate and bring the new me and hopefully be impactful to the people down there. If you know me, you know I am a musician with great vision and intentions to change the world. I may not have the power to change the globe, but maybe someday I will. Until then I can only change the souls and minds of those who’re involved with me. But in the other keyhole I see and feel the loss of not getting to be here for my mom’ or leaving my cousins, nephews, friends, and grandma grandpa. I have built a good foundation for music and have networked well, I have been playing basketball out my mind and my resources here are much more in tune then out there. I don’t know, we can’t ALWAYS get what we want; sometimes we have to just accept the situation and start moving forward with it in order to grow maybe we learn something very good who knows?

So to wrap it up, Lifes movement is all about letting it flow, don’t press the issue. Love the issues because it makes you greater when you can find resolve.



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If you got goals achieve them. So you can have room for new ones.